House Concerts: Join the Movement

Dear Music Lovers,

Would you please consider hosting a HOUSE CONCERT for me? It is an economic Win / Win, and you get the reputation for being the coolest host with all your friends!

House concerts are really simple to plan and a delightfully warm way to enjoy an evening with your friends, and introduce them to the music of your favorite Indie Singer / Songwriters. You invite all your friends (maybe their friends and your family, too), aiming for about 20 guests. Generally, everyone brings a potluck dish to share and their own beverages of preference. (Very common for guests to bring their own folding chairs, too.) They come, eat, drink, and enjoy an intimate performance by a critically acclaimed, nationally / internationally touring songwriter who performs in your living room (den, kitchen, dinning room, etc). Each person contributes a Suggested Donation of about $20 to the artist. It is casual, intimate, low maintenance, and for all of us feeling the economic pinch, it is a very special way to have an awesome night with your friends for a fraction of the cost of going out. Your friends will adore you for being so savy and in-the-know!

If you have questions or are interested in hosting a concert for me, please be in touch:


Singing Telegrams: A Special Gift

Looking for a special and very unique way to send congratulations, wish a happy birthday, express gratitude, play a prank, or just let someone know youÕre thinking of them? What gift do you get for someone who has everything? Maybe youÕre the kind of person who would prefer to create a sentimental memory rather than a wrapped present. Singing Telegrams are back in style!

The possibilities are countless. I could put together an original jingle for you based on the sentimate you are looking to convey... using your words (or mine -- your choice). I can travel with my guitar to the office and do a musical desk side rendition of your message. Or, picture your friendÕs door bell ringing and her opening the door to a live rendition of Happy Birthday -- vocals n guitar -- right on her door step! Alternately, if your fancy favors a presentation that you can enjoy over and over again, I also offer singing telegrams via video on YouTube. Either way, this upscale, highly personalized gift will WOW your recipient. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.
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