Music Lessons
Sharing the Love of Music with Patience & Kindness.

Lessons are offered in voice, guitar, piano, songwriting, and performance to people of all ages throughout Bucks County, PA and beyond.  My mission is to tailor each student's lessons to his / her areas of interest and help facilitate the achievement of goals and dreams. 

My students are elementary, middle, and high school aged youth preparing for auditions, getting parts in musicals, making the select vocal groups, writing their own songs, and learning to play an instrument and sing at the same time and perform for an audience.  They are in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, etc. and are finding musical full fillment in recording projects, live performances, and the simple joy of playing the piano for the first time.  Their love of music -- and mine -- spans across genres. 

Do YOU have a deep unquenched love of music that is seeking expression... or perhaps a quiet longing to learn the instrument you always dreamed of playing?  Mix and match from some of the possibilities below, or keep it simple:

Learn how to Sing or Play Piano or Guitar (or a combination of the three), Discover the Joy of Making Music, Discover & Develop YOUR Rich Resonant Voice, Wow your Peers at the Talent Show, Learn How to Book Shows, Prepare for Your Upcoming Audition, Record a Demo, Release your own CD/s, Learn how to Perform Live, Write Original Songs, Start your own Garage Band, Launch Your Music Career, etc.


$25 per Half Hour
, paid in advance of lesson
$50 per Hour, paid in advance of lesson
What Students Are Saying...
"I have always loved to sing, and now working with Christy, I am gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to sing successfully. Christy is as professional as she is talented, yet her happy, approachable personality makes the time seem it has passed much too quickly! Thank you Christy!!" ~ DS

"To me spending that hour with you was a very clear, positive, beautiful experience.  I arrived slightly hesitant and slightly excited..... and left calm, enthused and smiling knowing that I just made a great discovery and would definitely be back." ~ AFM

"I have learned so much over the past year working with Christy. She has given me the tools to do things I never thought I'd be able to do - like record my own album! Her level of professionalism is perfectly balanced with her natural warmth and energy and ability to relate to her students on a very personal level. In Christy, I have not only found an amazing teacher but a great friend." ~ LS
"Christy's style of vocal coaching is amazing! She has prepared my son for many Musical audition vocally and stage blocking. She took an unsure preteen and turned him into a star!"  ~ KR

"Christy is the most natural voice coach for a child that wants someone who loves to teach. Her method of building the right breathing and tone coupled with a sincere connection to natural talent makes her a lesson students say 'I can't wait to go to my lesson with Christy.'"  ~ FL
Christy's Credentials & Teaching Approach
BA in Music, Concentration in Vocal Performance, Summa Cum Laude,  Kutztown University 2002
4 years experience teaching vocal technique and vocal performance with focus on relaxation, breathe, support, resonance, tonality, and the art of delivering a passionate authentic performance.  Christy is an enthusiastic teacher, and lessons are tailored to each individual’s unique gifts, needs, and special love of music.  Students have 2 recital / performance opportunities per year, and may also have recording projects integrated into lessons (at no additional charge).  Students discover the joyful healing power of music and singing.  Experience with ages 8 - 60.  View Christy's Formal Resume HERE.

Christy's Other Relevant Music Experiences

7 self released CDs
  // Opened for Kansas // live audiences of 10,000 people  // Worked with Guitarist Buck Dharma  //
TV: 10! Show, 69, ABC’s Tuned In  //  RADIO: WXPN, College Stations Around the Country
  // Toured Internationally //
Worked with producer Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, Stevie Nix, U2, Tom Petty)
  // Full time Performer 8 years  // 
Reading Sovereign Center, Coca-Cola Stadium, Musikfest  //  Won International Song Contests
  // Signed with Publisher  //
Signed to National Booking Agency  // Performed in London night of Royal Wedding // Sang way out of Speeding Ticket //

 Lesson & Payment Policies


Regular weekly students are required to make the commitment to, and are obligated to pay for 4 lessons each month.  Regular bi-monthly students are required to commit to and are obligated to pay for 2 lessons each month.  All regular students are required to lock into a day & time slot.  Bi-monthly students need to choose the 1st & 3rd or the 2nd & 4th slot.  This regularity and reliability are necessary reciprocation for me to be able to commit my time and reserve a place in my schedule for students.  

If time / space permits, non-regular students may come for an occasional lesson without further commitment at a rate of $50 per hour.  Likewise, regular students may add extra lessons.  

Payment for the whole next month is due at the last lesson (third or fourth week) of the previous month (this does not include fifth weeks/make up lessons).  For example, payment for August would be made at your last lesson in July.

Monthly Tuition / Rent on your slot is: $200 for weekly 60 minute lessons; $100 for weekly 30 minute lessons; $100 for bi-monthly 60 minute lessons; $50 for bi-monthly 30 minute lessons.  

Payments are to be made in cash.

Failure to make payments on time will result in a late fee of $10.


If you need to cancel a lesson (for vacation, transportation issues, double booking, family / social functions, etc.), 24 hours notice (via BOTH text and voice mail at: 610-462-2813, please, no email cancellations) is required to be eligible for a makeup lesson; a limit of one makeup per student per month is allowed.

Two “free makeup” lessons per calendar year are offered without 24 hours notice due to illness or emergency.

Make up lessons will be scheduled on any 5th weekday of the month unless someone else cancels a lesson and their slot is available for your make up. 

It is the responsibility of the parent / student to be proactive about scheduling makeup lessons that are eligible based on the terms above.


If you refer someone who commits to lessons at a tuition rate of $100 per month or more, you will receive a free lesson credit toward your monthly tuition rate after their 3rd month of paid lessons.   

Regular students will be invited to participate in 2 recitals per year.  With parent’s permission, performances will be recorded and posted on YouTube.