When Kisses Take Prisoners

All lyrics by Christy Jefferson.
All songs copyrighted and all rights reserved.

You got a t-shirt. It reminds me of something that I miss Just a little mistake that could easily resemble a kiss. Do you think it would ever not be about What you’ve not got, what I am not? You never would begin to believe: I know there’s somethin’ about this that could begin To be something wonderful again. I’m STUNNED, by the onset of Just a little kiss. A little kiss. What’s happening to me. A little kiss. What’s in a kiss? It’s impossible to see When you’re kissing me… kissing me silly… Your sugar sweet lip lock stops my world. You’ve got a smile. It reminds me of something delicious. I indulge in your sunshine shiver happiness. You have got such kissable lolly pop lips. I can’t stop, or let even one drop of kiss sugar go to waste Without a taste. I’m not afraid to begin To believe it could be something wonderful again. I’m STUNNED by the onset of CHORUS Kiss me here n kiss me there. Kiss me… everywhere. I’m not sure where this could lead. But I’m ready now for anything! CHORUS


You remind me of buttercups early in the morning where I’m waiting for my Rain King. Wearing goose bumps on my skin. Don’t know if I’m gona let you in. Was it a big mistake… …lingering in your gaze? Chase me, chase me. Loose me, find me, catch me, bring me your way. Chase me, chase me. Loose me, find me, catch me, bring me your way. My knees are gum drops n my lips roses Two cups of bliss n I’m dancing. My black boa framing me. Singing ‘Stay,’ it’s karaoke. CHORUS Lost in your embrace. Trapped in allure. Checked my heart in at your door. Frozen and scattered. Yea, I’m attracted, but what if you’re for me? 2 AM comes too fast. DJ plays the evening’s last. “I won’t forget to call,” I said When the evening reached the end. CHORUS


Dear Bubbles, I think women need to stick together But we’re not really lesbian lovers. She’s just my best friend. The truth is she didn’t know that you’re his girlfriend, And he’s been leading along my best friend with kisses. Lead guitarist cheats on his girlfriend. The other woman didn’t know that you are his girlfriend. So tonight we’ve been pretending to be lesbian lovers – detectives trying to uncover the truth behind his show And it’s become a la-la-la-la-la-la love circus. No a la-la-la-la-la-la love circus. Ummmmm. Dear Bubbles, I don’t know if I should send this. It’s really not my business, but I would want to know. And maybe you won’t believe me on the basis that my best friend could step in, but these are the facts: Your guitarist boyfriend’s a cheater, liar, sweet-talker. My best friend didn’t know that this band mate was taken. So tonight we’ve been pretending to be lesbian lovers – detectives trying to uncover the truth behind this game CHORUS You’re intelligent, beautiful, and I’d hate to see A woman wasting time on a lover who schemed. One day the truth would shatter your dreams And I don’t want that karma comin back to me. Now maybe you’re content being one of several, but ask yourself cuz you Deserve something more and are certainly able to have someone just for you. CHORUS


Wild Berries bottled so sweet. Meet my love at a tasting. Chardonnay revealed how soon two hearts can grow to feel. Smooth soft and suddenly, there beyond the winery You walk beside me quietly. Rows and rows of grapes for wines Turn kisses into love Crossing into your heart. Crossing into your arms. May I stay a moment more? Crossing kisses turn to love. Wild Berries bottled so sweet. A blush when you kiss me. Meet me in the vineyard before the sun leaves to go to sleep. coloring so brilliantly the scenery, this winery. You walk beside me quietly. Rows and rows of grapes for wines Turn kisses into love. CHORUS December found your heart wrapped round me. We were the warmest pair of hearts winter had ever seen. The vineyard beautiful and bare stood dramatically. Rows of posts in winter’s clasp awaiting spring. There we were on Christmas night. Huddled close from winter’s bite. And you brought spring down on bended knee, you said, “Marry me with your heart. Marry me. Now we’ll start. Forever is not long enough to never be apart....” CHORUS


Skinny Dip. Sitting in the summer dew. Slip n slick. Misty morning, left my shoes By the bank. I’m on my back Quietly waiting for a tug. A bridge or boat – anything to cross your moat. I see your point of view and I understand quite clearly: The attraction felt was mutual, still you can not be with me. Even though you aced the test, you have the touch. Couldn’t we meet for lunch? Your tootsie center there inside. You’ve got such a lovely mind. How many licks till I find out what makes you tick? It isn’t fair. I didn’t even get a try. I only had two quick skinny dips in your eyes. The halls of Spain are threatening. You said it’s not me. I suppose I understand, but honestly In my heart I cannot see: what could I say To convince you not to throw this away? Chorus Kissing you was bliss – divinely the sweetest tasting wine Pales against the touch, the taste of your lips that do, still, decline. You aced the test you have the touch. Couldn’t we meet for coffee N talk about our dreams, Baby? Come n talk n talk with me About your dreams. Chorus

Jonathan, I have never had a friend like you. Live is a fragile thing, but souls live through eternity. It’s almost time for you to leave the pain behind. I’m sending up a kiss for you, angels will see you through. And they’ll be waiting. Jonathan, I want to tell you something sweet; I know it may seem otherwise, but death is a flower. And there you lay, so young, just nineteen. The beams of light are breaking through, happiness and love await you. And they’ll be waiting. Don’t be afraid, the light will show the way. I’m whispering your name. From the silence, I hear you say That you’ll be waiting.


Late last night, Indecisive me: Stay stay or leave Party was a game – play, play, play. I was about to go. He was a no show. Then there you were hangin’ around some cocktail dress with cherry lips. I said, “I’ve got a kiss, Boy, if you come around.” Found you. Tossed you. Pickin out my party prey. Lost you. Found you. Gona make you my Baby. Found you. Tossed you. Playing my party game. Lost you. Found you… ‘n’ Baby that’s my way. Wondered if I should stay n try, then I caught your eye. u took a chance, left the cocktail dress, took a step step step my way. Then there he was – ‘cross the room – a dark goatee smiling at me. I said, “I’ve got a kiss, Boy, if you come come around ‘round ‘round.” CHORUS Move closer, Baby. Cuz maybe maybe maybe yea… You could be the one I’m lookin’ for… Moved my appeal. Made you my meal. The beat was pullin' at my feet. He was look-a-look-a-looking my way, but it wasn’t his day! Cuz there you were, a step behind, blond hair hunting me! Oh my!! I’ve got a kiss, Boy, if you come come around ‘round ‘round. CHORUS


Tiny and rosy – this picture of me, I was just three. Tucked tight in Pop-pop’s arms. Love shinning from his eyes From a picture, bridging over Time. Once the same age as me Working hard, building a family. Caught there, his gaze to her Love shinning from my daddy’s eyes From a picture, bridging over Time. Some day, I’ll have your silver white frame Wrinkles of smiles and kisses n glow Hugging with hands that love to the bone. I found a picture full of somethin’ that was missing. It was here the whole time in my Grammy’s eyes. A picture of faces that I follow. Time is circling, sculpting handsome lives. Circling, sculpting handsome lives!


Two hearts meet, blossomed and OH! He danced into her soul; she shot her bow. For Cupid’s part, arrow hit his heart. Their path pushed and pulled – a tide we call ‘time.’ People would come and go, not the one by your side. This was the one forever. This was the one for keeping. This was the one forever. This was the one you’d be missing. Two hearts kissed; loved to the bone. Happiness to find in his smile, in her mind. Love so true, you gave the best of you. Their path pushed and pulled – a 7 year long tide. Inseparable they stood. What was left to decide? CHORUS God will stop to watch hearts join together with love. That moment when time stands still. A love you thought would never be real. CHORUS


What better way to take it than day to day? I’ve got my heart set, feet wet. Nothin’s gettin’ in my way. I’m ready now for my turn to shine. I feel it comin’ round. I know I’m gettin’ stronger. I think it’s gona change sooner than later. I feel it creepin closer In every way. And every slip and stumble Brings me closer to my day. I’m ready now. Just give the sign. CHORUS The hands that elevated me ‘n’ lifted up when I was low. It’s not about me. This one is for everyone. I’m ready now for our turn to shine. CHORUS


I remember you: handsome suite, diamonds in your eyes. I remember you: taking my hands, sun on your shoulders. Smiles n flowers, glasses clinging; wine n dancing, laughter ringing. You took me in your arms and to your bed… n I said ‘I love you.’ When does love become still? What makes it last for some? Why not everyone? Love – when it hurts more to stay. What do you say when you no longer love the same? I miss you. I miss you. Come with me my love. Come with me my love. Come with me and build a dream – the life that we would lead… You n me Wedding Day to married grey No one mentioned life might pull us different ways. Married love – when you wake-up one day And the love you build is gone. Life swept it away. I miss you. I miss you, oh Come with me my love. Come with me my love. Come with me and build a dream – the life that we would lead. Come with me my love. Come with me my love. Come with me and build a dream the world would want to see – you n me. I remember you: faded blue genes sitting on the steps. I remember you: smoking cigars, making ringlets for my fingers. We danced across the front porch. You took me in your arms and held so tight… n said: All I want is you.